Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) "Physical Modeling and Fish Management" workshop

May 26-27, 2009
CALFED Delta Room
650 Capitol Mall, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA

This technical workshop is open to the interested public. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of hydrodynamic and coupled physical-biological modeling in the San Francisco estuary. It will include a review of IEP modeling activities by an independent panel of experts, the IEP Science Advisory Group (SAG). The meeting begins at 9 a.m. on May 26, with a brown bag at 11:45 a.m. by Professor Thomas "Zack" Powell of UC Berkeley. His talk is on coupling climate models with pelagic ecosystem models to give insight into regime shifts in the North Pacific.

Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) "Physical Modeling and Fish Management" Workshop


Abstract for lunch talk May 26 by Dr. Powell, UC Berkeley

For questions about the workshop, please contact Lenny Grimaldo,

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Science Advisory Group Supporting Materials and Documentation:

Questions of Interest to the Science Advisory Group

Review Materials for Workshop

Modeling in Current IEP and CALFED Research Frameworks:

  • IEP Pelagic Organism Decline Investigations – includes various modeling elements
  • 2009 Ammonia/um Research Framework developed by a CALFED Science expert panel – prioritizes the development of “an overarching, integrative model of the major drivers controlling the Bay-Delta ecosystem” that “should include hydrology, the biogeochemistry of N and P (sources as well as transformations and downstream fluxes), and trophic structure and function in the Bay-Delta ecosystem.”

Additional background information from collaborating entities can be found here: