“Ecosystem Sustainability: Focusing Science on Managing California’s Water Future”

Sacramento Convention Center
Sacramento, CA
September 27 - 29, 2010

CALFED Science Conference Archives

2008 CALFED Science Conference

OCTOBER 22-24, 2008
Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J Street, Sacramento, California

The Biennial CALFED Science Conference is a forum for presenting scientific information and ideas relevant to the CALFED Bay-Delta Program's goals and objectives in the California Bay-Delta, its watersheds, and the adjacent coastal ocean. The goal of the 2008 conference "Global Perspectives and Regional Results: Science and Management in the Bay-Delta System" was to provide the most current scientific information on eleven central themes:

  1. Fish Protection
  2. Flood Management
  3. Global Perspectives
  4. Habitats and Ecosystems
  5. Human Consequences
  6. Integrating Science and Management
  7. Physical Processes
  8. Species and Communities
  9. Water and Sediment Quality
  10. Water Supplies and Instream Flows
  11. Watersheds

The conference program featured the inclusion of Scientist/Filmmaker Randy Olson in two special events, the screening of his film Sizzle, and his lunch presentation on communicating science to the masses, "Don't Be SUCH A Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style".

Sam Luoma Named First Brown-Nichols Winner
Read more about the 1st annual Brown-Nichols Science Award.

4th Biennial CALFED Science Conference 2006
Making Sense of Complexity: Science for a Changing Environment

The goal of the 2006 CALFED Science Conference was to provide new information such as results, models, syntheses, and analyses to the broad community of scientists, engineers, managers and stakeholders working on Bay-Delta issues.

The conference program featured a mix of plenary and contributed talks and poster presentations on topical themes of interest. The late afternoon poster sessions and receptions provided an opportunity for discussion between presenters and attendees.

Conference Program

2006 Student Competition Winner - Best oral presentation:

Karin Tuxin for:

Change in Tidal Marsh Vegetation Measured by Spatial Landscape Metrics

Tuxen*1, K.A., L. Shile2, M. Kelly1, S. Siegal3
1  UC Berkeley - Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, 137 Mulford Hall #3114, Berkeley, CA, 94720-3114
2  San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132
3  Wetland and Water Resources, 1010 B Street, Suite 425, San Rafael, CA 94901

2006 Student Competition Winner - Best poster presentation:

Glen Leverich for:

Quantifying Channel Response to Variable Flow in a Meandering River Model

Leverich*1, G., C. Braudrick2, L. Sklar1, W. Dietrich2
1  Department of Geosciences, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, 94132
2  Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

Science Conference 2004

The goal of the 2004 conference, "Getting Results: Integrating Science and Management to Achieve System-Level Responses" was to provide new information to the broad community of scientists, engineers, managers, and stakeholders working on Bay-Delta Program-related issues. The conference featured presentations that provided scientific information and ideas relevant to the Bay-Delta Program, as well as the overall conference theme.

Abstracts on all presentations are available online.



Science Conference 2003

Science Conference 2003 Summary The 2003 CALFED Science Conference, the 2nd biennial forum for presenting the latest findings and ideas regarding the Bay-Delta, its watershed, and the adjacent coastal ocean, was held January 14 through 16 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Nearly 1200 scientists and managers registered for the conference to hear six plenary talks and about 180 technical presentations, and to view more than 100 posters.
Summary - 2003 Science Conference

Science Conference 2000

Science Conference 2000 Summary More than 800 scientists and managers attended the first CALFED Science Conference, held at the Sacramento Convention Center from October 3 through 5, 2000. The conference was designed as a forum to present research and ideas relevant to CALFED's objectives in the San Francisco Bay, Delta, and watershed, particularly pertaining to ecosystem restoration, levee system integrity, and water quality.
Summary - 2000 Science Conference

State of the Estuary Conference Archives

State of the Estuary 2005 Summary

2005 State of the Estuary SummaryThe 2006 State of the Estuary Report summarizes advocacy and stewardship efforts, and restoration and science recommendations drawn from the 44 presentations and 195 posters of the October 2005 State of the Estuary Conference and related research. The report also provides some vital statistics about changes in the Estuary's fish and wildlife populations, pollution levels, and flows over the past two years, since the last State of the Estuary report was published.


Summary (12.3 mb)

State of the Estuary 2001 Summary State of the Estuary 2001 Summary:
The State of the Estuary Conference was a three-day conference held in San Francisco in October 2001 which was co-sponsored by the CALFED Science Program and the S.F. Estuary Project, among others, and attended by nearly a thousand scientists, resource managers, activists and decision-makers.

State of the Estuary 2001 Conference and 2002 Report Management Cues State of the Estuary 2001 Conference & 2002 Report Management Cues
This document is a draft list of cues for resource and water managers suggested by the new science and research presented at the October 2001 State of the Estuary Conference in San Francisco.