Environmental Water Account Independent Review Panel

A critical element to the CALFED Science Program is its scientific review of all CALFED Program components. Water supply reliability and use efficiency, water quality, ecosystem restoration, and flood management and levee stability all benefit from periodic reviews by CALFED Science Program established independent review panels that help insure that the investments being made and results being achieved are supported by the best available scientific knowledge.

The Environmental Water Account was launched in 2000. The EWA was outlined in the CALFED Record of Decision and was a key component of CALFED’s water management strategy for a number of years. The program was created to protect migratory fish from entrainment and to increase water supply reliability for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project. The EWA used purchased assets, either quantities of water or electricity, to repay water contractors for reductions in supply that they incurred when water diversions were reduced or streamflows were increased to protect salmon and delta smelt.