CALFED Science Program Review Panels

A critical element to the CALFED Science Program is its scientific review of all CALFED Program components. Water supply reliability and use efficiency, water quality, ecosystem restoration, and flood management and levee stability all benefit from periodic reviews by CALFED Science Program established independent review panels that help insure that the investments being made and results being achieved are supported by the best available scientific knowledge.

Independent Review of the 2 Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project

The 2 Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project has been proposed as an adaptive management experiment in using operable gates in the central Delta for protection of sensitive species and management of water supply. The project proponent has assembled a Summary Document that describes the project goals and objectives, hypotheses, conceptual model, and adaptive management framework. The CALFED Science Program has assembled an Independent Review Panel consisting of national experts who will review the 2-Gates Project.



Independent Review of the Delta Risk Management Strategy

Following a request by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the CALFED Science Program coordinated an independent review of the Delta Risk Management Strategy (DRMS) study. The DRMS Independent Review Panel (IRP), consisting of 8 internationally renown scientists and engineers, provided an unbiased evaluation of the technical methods used, analysis, findings, and conclusions of the DRMS study.



Environmental Water Account Independent Review Panel

Between, 2001 and 2006, the Science Program convened five Independent Review Panels to provide technical reviews of the science needs and science applied to EWA implementation. These reviews involved 1) presentations by Agency staff and scientists regarding the science and management decisions involved in EWA implementation, and 2) a written report of findings and recommendations by the Independent Review Panel. This site is the archive for these and other EWA products.



Independent Review of OCAP Biological Opinion

On July 29, 2005 NOAA Fisheries requested that the CALFED Science Program review the science underlying its biological opinion. On August 24, 2005, CALFED Science Program agreed to conduct such a review, and has since established an independent panel to conduct the review. This workshop is an integral component of the review process. The Review Panel members have received and are reviewing the assessment and opinion and supporting documents.



Regional Salmon Outmigration Study Plan Review & Workshop

This event focused specifically on: The Regional Salmon Outmigration Study Plan, which included an implementation plan planning for data retrieval and storage, data reduction, data analysis, and information synthesis, and proposals for results documentation, including manuscript preparation and periodic reporting to project funding agencies and the public.



Interagency Ecological Program Pelagic Organism Decline Independent Review Panel

The CALFED Science Program convened a review panel of independent scientists to evaluate and comment on the initial results of the Interagency Ecological Program's (IEP) 2005 evaluation of the potential causes of extremely low populations of Delta pelagic fish and zooplankton and to comment on the 2006 work-plan for the Pelagic Organism Decline work.



Independent Review of Drinking Water Quality Program Final Assessment

In December 2007, the CALFED Water Quality Program requested that the CALFED Science Program review the science underlying the CALFED Water Quality Program Stage 1 Final Assessment Report (Final Assessment). The primary purpose of the Final Assessment is to assess the progress made towards meeting CALFED water quality targets and alternative treatment technologies. In March 2008, the CALFED Science Program agreed to conduct such a review. The Review Panel has completed their review of the Final Assessment and supporting documents. The lead reviewer presented a summary of the draft review comments to the Bay-Delta Public Advisory Committee, Water Quality Subcommittee on July 10, 2008.