CALFED Science Program Seminars

The CALFED Science Program hosts public lectures by renown scientists on key science used to accomplish the CALFED goals by its implementing agencies. These seminars highlight for managers and the public the state of knowledge of the Bay-Delta system critical for achieving the CALFED goals, as well as present new information and scientific interpretations necessary for implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the success of the CALFED Program. Seminars include CALFED Brown Bag Seminars; Lead Scientist seminars; and co-sponsored seminars from the CALFED Science Program and the University of California, Davis' Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture.

CALFED and UC Davis CABA Seminar Series

The CALFED Science Program is collaborating with the UC Davis Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA) to host public lectures by renown scientists on key issues highly relevant to both programs and critical for achieving CALFED goals. These seminars highlight new information and scientific interpretations on issues associated with cultured and wild aquatic biological resources in the Bay-Delta system for managers, researchers, students, and the public.

12/18/2008: Effects of Environmental Stress on Fish Health -- A seminar will be held from 1:00-5:00 pm at UC Davis where five researchers will present their findings on environmental stress and how it impacts fish health. Topics include: Disease and disease impacts on the Klamath River Salmon, the improved Flatfish health in the Puget Sound, and the monitoring of harmful algal blooms on fish in the San Francisco Estuary.

05/30/08: Fish Nursery Habitat, Unraveling the Secrets of the Estuary for Population Health -- This seminar discussed Dr. Stacy Luthy's insights and findings on the health requirements of estuarine larval and juvenile fish. Dr. Luthy has done extensive work on the habitat requirements of larval pelagic estuarine fish in the Carolinas and how they are affected by nutrient loads in East Coast estuaries. This work is very relevant to the San Francisco Estuary and she provides a fresh perspective on this issue.

05/14/08: Refugial Delta Smelt Populations -- This seminar discussed the Establishment of a Delta Smelt Refugial Population: Lessons from Other Species, Challenges, and Current Status. The 9 a.m. to 12 noon session at UC Davis discussed challenges faced by the UC Davis Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory in establishing a refugial Delta smelt population.

03/07/08: Columbia River Salmon Research May Provide Insight For California -- Four leading researchers presented their work on salmon mortality in the Columbia River Basin in this 9-to-noon March 7 seminar at UC Davis. This was an opportunity to gain insights into factors that might also be affecting California salmon populations, which have declined severely in the past two years and may be related to mortality in the ocean and estuary.

11/06/07: Seminar: Pyrethroids and the Delta: Laboratory Studies, Field Results, and Regulatory Actions -- This November 8 seminar featured speakers from the University of California and the state Department of Pesticide Regulation who talked about the role of toxics in Delta issues. Inge Werner of UC Davis, Don Weston of UC Berkeley and Frank Spurlock of the Department of Pesticide Regulation were featured.

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