CALFED Science Program Workshop - Organic Carbon: The Good, the Bad and the Muddy.

An important goal of the CALFED Science Program is to provide authoritative and unbiased descriptions of scientific knowledge. To fulfill this goal, the Science Program holds workshops designed to provide a forum for discussions and the exchange of information among scientists, stakeholders, agency staff, and the public about topics important to the region.

The CALFED Science Program convened a workshop about organic carbon in the California Bay-Delta in support of the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force, which is developing a strategic plan to implement its vision for the Delta.

The purpose of this workshop is to shed light on possible misconceptions about organic carbon in the Bay-Delta system by discussing forms and sources of organic carbon, its importance to the ecosystem and the problems of organic carbon in drinking water. The purpose of the panel discussion is to identify where conflicts exist between ecosystem needs and drinking water needs and ideas about how to resolve them.

In the morning, science experts described the newest science about organic carbon in Bay-Delta waters, including assumptions and uncertainties. In the afternoon, drinking water and ecosystem agency staff, and stakeholders joined the experts in a panel discussion about conflicts between drinking water and ecosystem needs and possible strategies to resolve them. The workshop was facilitated by Lauren Hastings, CALFED Science Program Deputy Director.

Workshop proceedings were summarized for the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force at its May 28-29, 2008 meeting by CALFED Lead Scientist Michael Healey.

Organic Carbon Workshop Summary Memo

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Organic Carbon Primer: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Panel Discussion: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • 1:00    Panel Discussion
    Facilitator: Lauren Hastings, deputy director, CALFED Science Program
    Panelists: Elaine Archibald, California Urban Water Agencies
    Anke Mueller-Solger, California Department of Water Resources
    Brian Bergamaschi, United States Geological Survey
    Dave Spath, California Department of Health Services (retired)
    Jon Burau, United States Geological Survey
    Carl Wilcox, California Department of Fish and Game
  • 3:00    Public Questions and Comment
  • 3:45    Summary and Closing Remarks
  • 4:00    Adjourn