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A critical role of the CALFED Science Program is to facilitate scientific review in support of CALFED Program objectives. Activities associated with water supply reliability, water quality, ecosystem restoration, and levee integrity all benefit from periodic reviews by CALFED Science Program established independent review panels. The review and recommendations provided by these panels help insure that the investments being made in support of Bay-Delta planning and decision-making are supported by the best available scientific knowledge.

On July 29, 2005 NOAA Fisheries requested that the CALFED Science Program review the science underlying its biological opinion. On August 24, 2005, CALFED Science Program agreed to conduct such a review, and has since established an independent panel to conduct the review. This workshop is an integral component of the review process. The Review Panel members have received and are reviewing the assessment and opinion and supporting documents.

Update: OCAP Review Final Report (06 Jan 2006)

Review of the Biological Opinion of the Long-Term Central Valley Project and State Water Project Operations Criteria and Plan

NOAA Response to OCAP Review Panel Final Report

Public Notice: CALFED Science Program Public Presentation of Final OCAP Panel Report January 30th

A review of the science underlying the 2004 NOAA Fisheries Biological Opinion on the longterm operation of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project - OCAP

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Public Notice:  


The following notes from the October 12 and 13 OCAP BO review workshop have not been reviewed by the speakers. The notes were taken to help the review panel prepare its report. If the panel had questions, they contacted the speakers directly. Since the notes have not been reviewed, they are not to be cited. They are posted in order to ensure that the OCAP review process is open and transparent. Any questions about the notes should be directed to Randy Brown at brown.randall@comcast,net - not to Kristen Honey.

OCAP Notes

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