Pelagic Organism Decline Workshop

One of the goals of the CALFED Science Program is to provide authoritative and unbiased descriptions of scientific knowledge. To fulfill this goal, the Science Program holds workshops designed to provide a forum for discussions and the exchange of information among Scientists, Stakeholders, Agency Staff, and the public about topics important to the region. These workshops synthesize the science related to complex problems and provide advice for undertaking specific complex tasks in support of Delta planning and decision-making.

Pelagic Organism Decline Update (14 March 2008)

Pelagic Organism Decline Progress Report: 2007 Synthesis of Results

Pelagic Organism Decline Update (24 May 2006):

San Francisco Estuary Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Interagency Ecological Program on Pelagic Organism Decline

IEP Review Panel Report Response Document

IEP 2006-2007 Workplan

CALFED Science Program - Interagency Ecological Program Pelagic Organism Decline

Independent Review Panel

For more information, please download the the workshop agenda listed below:


These materials are being made available to the Review Panel Members in order to facilitate 2005 and 2006 Work Plan Review:

Workshop Support Materials