CALFED Science Program Workshop: A Two-Part Discussion of Delta Conveyance Modeling to Support the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force

An important goal of the CALFED Science Program is to provide authoritative and unbiased descriptions of scientific knowledge. To fulfill this goal, the Science Program holds workshops designed to provide a forum for discussions and the exchange of information among scientists, stakeholders, agency staff, and the public about topics important to the region.

The CALFED Science Program convened two workshops on Delta conveyance modeling to support the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force, which developed a strategic plan to implement its vision for the California Delta. The purposes of these public workshops were to discuss various Delta-conveyance-modeling tools, assumptions, and other variables, and provide facilitated discussions with organizations conducting Delta-conveyance modeling.

Temperature Management and Modeling Workshop in support of an Operations Criteria and Plan (OCAP) Biological Assessment and Biological Opinion

Independent Expert Panel Problem Statement:

Using a series of presentations and question-and-answer periods with selected local agency representatives, an independent expert panel provided a synthesis report of important issues and available tools for addressing water temperature management consistent with the salmon conservation objectives for the upper-Sacramento River and associated Central Valley tributaries.

This workshop was not a formal review, but rather was a collegial discussion of important issues, an evaluation of available tools, management-support alternatives, and independent feedback to the USBR and DWR regarding temperature management in support of upstream temperature-management objectives.

The Independent Expert Panel members are:

  • Tommy Willams (Facilitator), NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Michael Deas, Watercourse Engineering
  • Peter Goodwin, University of Idaho, Boise
  • Steve Lindley, NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Christa Woodley, University of California, Davis

Workshop Materials:

Download Meeting Notice

Download Agenda

Final Report from the Science Advisor Panel


The CALFED Science Program contact for this workshop is Steve Culberson,, or (916) 445-0584.

Temperature Management and Modeling Workshop In support of an Operations and Criteria and Plan Biological Assessment and Biological Opinion

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Delta Room
CALFED Bay-Delta Program
650 Capitol Mall, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


9:00 a.m.  

  • Introduction, Disclosures, and Welcome (Tommy Williams, NMFS - Facilitator)
  • NMFS Central Valley Salmonid Recovery Plan Threats Assessment and Temperature Information (Diane Windham - NMFS)
  • Salmonid Temperature Criteria and Management Strategy for Upper Sacramento River (Bruce Oppenheim - NMFS)
  • Discussion*
  • SWRCB WRO 90-05 - Reclamation Process for Upper Sacramento River Water Temperature Control (Jeff Sandberg - Reclamation)
  • Operational and Temperature Modeling Tools Used on the Upper Sacramento River (Russ Yaworsky - Reclamation)
  • Historical Temperature Management in the Upper Sacramento River -- What Can Be Learned from Looking at the Data? (John Burke - Reclamation)
  • Discussion*

12:00   Lunch

  • Alternative Approaches to Model Water Operations and Temperature Needs of Fish
  • Temperature Modeling to Support TMDL Development for the Klamath and Eel Rivers (Andrew Parker - Tetra Tech)
  • A Remote Sensing And Climate Based CVP Temperature Model (Eric Danner - NMFS/UCSC)
  • IOS Modeling Tool For Winter Run And Operational Scenarios (Brad Cavallo - Cramer Fish Sciences)
  • Discussion*
  • Public Comment

5:00 p.m.   Adjourn

*Discussion periods are for information exchange between Presenters and the Panel.